Allentown is a small city located in eastern Pennsylvania. For its role in the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia has a museum that houses a full-size replica of the Liberty Bell as well as murals detailing the bell’s history.

Things To Do In Allentown PA
Things To Do In Allentown PA

Things To Do In Allentown PA, Farmer’s markets a country-style dinner theater, and numerous outdoor activities abound in the Lehigh Valley, giving the city a homey feel.

The Allentown Art Museum, the Museum of Indian Culture, and the local meadery and distillery are just a few of the many cultural attractions nearby.

Minor league baseball teams can be found, as well as a science museum, amusement park, downtown allentown market and other kid-friendly attractions. Prior to your visit, call the attractions and restaurants to confirm the most up-to-date hours of operation.

22 Best Things To Do In Allentown PA Today

1. Allentown Art Museum

Allentown Art Museum
Allentown Art Museum

Well-known Bucks County, Pennsylvania, impressionist painter Walter Emerson Baum founded the Allentown Art Museum of Lehigh Valley in 1934. Baum founded both the museum and the Baum School of Art with the help of a group of people he organized hamilton st.

The Hunsicker School originally housed the museum, which featured 70 impressionist paintings by local Pennsylvania artists at New York City.

The museum was later given a permanent Federal-style house by the city to display its collection. Currently, the collection consists primarily of European paintings, textiles, and works on paper, with a few other noteworthy items thrown in Sailors Monument.

31 N. 5th Street, Allentown, PA 18101, Phone: 610-432-4333

2. America On Wheels

America On Wheels
America On Wheels

The mission of the museum, America On Wheels, is to showcase the country’s fascination with all things involving wheels. There are galleries dedicated to just about any mode of transportation you can think of at the wheels museum.

Their collection of bicycles, Segways, and tractor-trailers will allow you to experience various forms of self-propelled transportation, from bicycles to Segways to tractor-trailers.

The museum’s primary goal is to educate the general public about the transportation industry in a fun and educational way. In the Restoration Learning Center, kids as young as 16 can learn about the various steps involved in restoring a classic car.

5 N. Front Street, Allentown, PA 18102, Phone: 610-432-4200

3. Da Vinci Science Center

Da Vinci Science Center
Da Vinci Science Center

At the Da Vinci Science Center, visitors can explore exhibits in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through hands-on activities.

The exhibits are geared toward children as young as 12 years of age. A water play table, the KEVA Build It Up! Exhibit and a preschool area called Engineers On a Roll are just some of the highlights. Special events and programs, such as career exploration days, museum sleepovers, an inventor’s lab, and much more, are frequently available at bear creek.

3145 Hamilton Blvd. Bypass, Allentown, PA 18103, Phone: 484-664-1002

4. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Between Emmaus and Allentown, you’ll find the amusement and water canal park complex known as Dorney Park and the Wildwater Kingdom.

Eight roller coasters, a variety of other thrill rides for adults, and family-friendly rides for visitors of all ages can be found at the park.

Thunderhawk, a wooden roller coaster built in 1923, is the only roller coaster in the park that is not a modern steel coaster.

As one of the world’s oldest roller coasters, it’s still going strong after all these years. Several wet and wild rides in the water park will help you cool off after a long day at the park at miller symphony hall.

3830 Dorney Park Road, Allentown, PA 18104, Phone: 610-395-3724

5. Allentown Farmers Market

Allentown Farmers Market
Allentown Farmers Market

The Lehigh Valley’s Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market has been around for a long time. More than 60 local vendors sell a wide variety of goods each week at the marke or lehigh valley mall.

This particular farmers market has a better selection than most of the others in the area. Locally sourced meats and poultry, deli items, baked goods, seafood, and vegetables are all available, as are a variety of other delectable options.

All of your gourmet food needs can be met at the local grocery store, as well as specialty shops and an Italian market. You won’t have to wait until you get home to prepare your purchases if you get hungry while strolling through the market at lehigh valley wine trail.

There are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, ranging from a traditional Amish restaurant to a Vietnamese bistro.

1825 W. Chew Street, Allentown, PA 18104, Phone: 610-432-8425

6. Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum
Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

For a historical society-run museum, Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum ranks among the nation’s most prominent institutions. The museum’s 30,000-square-foot museum houses six galleries, each with approximately 13,000 square feet of exhibit space.

In addition, the museum’s historical research library provides visitors and researchers alike with access to a wide range of resources.

Museum exhibits include both long-term and short-term displays that include artifacts, photographs and documents that chronicle the history of the region. Exhibitions cover the period prior to European colonization to the present day.

432 Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18102, Phone: 610-435-1074

7. Lehigh Valley IronPigs Minor League Baseball

Lehigh Valley IronPigs Minor League Baseball
Lehigh Valley IronPigs Minor League Baseball

International League Minor League baseball team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Visitors to Allentown, Pennsylvania, may want to catch a game at Coca-Cola Park, where the team plays.

The team’s website has the complete game schedule. Visitors can also take a tour of the stadium, where they can get a glimpse of the action taking place behind the scenes thing.

There are 60-minute walking tours, which include stops at both the IronPig and the visiting teams’ locker rooms as well as the press box. Groups of 10 or more are eligible for a customized tour, and reservations are required.

1050 Ironpigs Way, Allentown, PA 18109, Phone: 610-841-7447

8. Lehigh Valley Phantoms Minor League Hockey

Lehigh Valley Phantoms Minor League Hockey
Lehigh Valley Phantoms Minor League Hockey

There is a Minor League hockey team in the Lehigh Valley area called the Phantoms. In the American Hockey League, the team is an affiliate of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers. The PPL Center, a state-of-the-art multipurpose arena, has been the team’s home since 2014.

If you want to see a hockey game while you’re there, book your tickets early because they frequently sell out. Concessions at the arena include Chickie & Pete’s, Tim Horton’s, and many others, so you won’t go hungry during the games at little lehigh creek.

701 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101, Phone: 610-224-4625

9. Liberty Bell Museum, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Liberty Bell Museum
Liberty Bell Museum

At Zion’s United Church of Christ, the Liberty Bell Museum is housed, as it was during the American Revolutionary War.

The Liberty Bell itself is featured in the museum, as is a replica of the original. Artifacts from the local history and exhibits on freedom, liberty, and patriotism are also on display.

As well as Pip, a puppet icon from local pop culture, the museum also houses The Mouse Before Christmas, a popular holiday show for children in the area.

622 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101, Phone: 610-435-4232

10. Little Lehigh Park, Allentown, PA

Little Lehigh Park
Little Lehigh Park

Located just behind the Queen City Municipal Airport, Little Lehigh Park is a local historic park with recreational facilities and beautiful scenery. It is easily accessible from I-78. Some of the recreational facilities include a bridle path for bicycles and a disc golf course for beginners.

The Little Lehigh Fish Hatchery is located in the park, where visitors can learn about fish growth and development as well as participate in feeding fish.

There is a fly fishing shop nearby that teaches anglers how to catch fish. On weekends, the Museum of Indian Culture can be found in the park.

Lehigh Parkway E., Allentown, PA 18103, Phone: 610-437-7757

11. Mack Trucks Historical Museum

Mack Trucks Historical Museum
Mack Trucks Historical Museum

This museum is housed in the Mack Trucks Customer Center and features a variety of restored antique trucks for the public to admire and preserve history.

Also on display are a number of vintage automobiles, as well as an assortment of memorabilia from Mack. Depending on demand, the museum offers guided tours at various times throughout the day. A reservation is required for large groups.

Additionally, the museum maintains an archive of information on specific Mack trucks manufactured over the years. Check the museum’s website to see when it is open because it is only open on a few days a week.

2402 Lehigh Pkwy S. Allentown, PA 18103, Phone: 610-351-8999

12. Museum of Indian Culture, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Museum of Indian Culture
Museum of Indian Culture

In order to preserve and exhibit the history of the region’s indigenous peoples, particularly the Lenape and other people of the Northeastern Woodlands, the Museum of Indian Culture was founded as a non-profit organization in 1982.

It features an array of historical and cultural artifacts, as well as trade goods, farming implement, and interactive displays where visitors can test their skills at starting a fire, throwing spears, and other activities.

Native American art from across North and South America fills the Inter-Tribal Room at the museum. The museum also offers a wide range of educational programs for visitors of all ages to learn about Native American cultures and history.

2825 Fish Hatchery Road, Allentown, PA 18103, Phone: 610-797-2121

13. Pines Dinner Theatre, Allentown, PA

Pines Dinner Theatre
Pines Dinner Theatre

Guests at the Pines Dinner Theater can enjoy a meal while taking in one of the playhouse’s many productions, which include everything from musicals to comedies, all on a rustic stage.

Friendly and welcoming wait staff serve hearty home-style fare at the inn’s restaurants. Both the food and the beverages are praised by guests.

On the grounds of the Allentown Fairgrounds, the theatre frequently hosts holiday shows and dinners. They can also host special events in their facility. The most up-to-date schedule and ticket availability can be found on their website.

448 N. 17th Street, Allentown, PA 18104, Phone: 610-433-2333

14. Trout Hall, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Trout Hall
Trout Hall

The oldest house in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is Trout Hall, a historic house museum. Stone was used in the construction of the house, which was completed in the late 1760s.

It was built for James Allen, the son of William Allen, the founder of the town, to use as a vacation home. Currently, the building houses a library and a museum run by the local historical society, which houses artifacts from the American Revolution.

As a historical site, it’s worth a visit for anyone who wants to learn about that era and appreciate the architecture.

414 Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18102, Phone: 610-435-1074

15. Wildlands Conservancy, Allentown, PA

Wildlands Conservancy
Wildlands Conservancy

One of the primary goals of Wildlands Conservancy is to protect natural areas by purchasing and managing them. Emmaus is the headquarters of the organization, which manages several nature preserves in the area.

The reserves also serve as popular spots for locals to unwind and unwind. They offer a variety of activities, such as bike and boat excursions, kid’s summer camps, and scout programs, among others fun things.

On the Lehigh River, there is a water trail that is suitable for small boats such as kayaks or canoes. The trail stretches for 72 miles and has numerous entry and exit points.

3701 Orchid Place, Emmaus, PA 18049, Phone: 610-965-4397

16. William F. Curtis Arboretum

William F. Curtis Arboretum
William F. Curtis Arboretum

When Cedar Crest College relocated to its current location in 1937, it did so on an empty plot of land known as the William F. Curtis Arboretum. Planting trees, flowers, and shrubs from all over the world was Dr. Curtis’ way of beautifying the campus.

More than 140 different types of trees can be found in this 84-acre mature arboretum. Today visitors are invited to join free guided tours of the gardens, where they can learn about tree identification, botany, and ecology through hands-on experience.

1250 Church Road, Allentown, PA 19095, 215-884-7675

17. Colony Meadery, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Colony Meadery,
Colony Meadery,

Colony Meadery, it’s a mead-making facility that offers tours. The meadery employs time-honored methods to produce a product with bold flavors, consistent fermentation, and a silky texture.

In the renovated Mack Truck factory, the production facility, visitors will learn about all of the steps involved in making mead, as well as the unique aspects of this particular meadery, as they tour the facility.

A tasting room is also on-site and can be visited as a stand-alone stop or as part of a tour. Samples of mead are served in the tasting room along with small snacks and sandwiches. Mead bottles can be purchased as well.

905 Harrison Street #115, Allentown, PA 18103, Phone: 855-632-3669

18. Kilimanjaro Distillery

Kilimanjaro Distillery
Kilimanjaro Distillery

Distillers at the Kilimanjaro Distillery use ingredients from around the world to create unique small-batch spirits. Kishor and Niky Chokshi, a Tanzanian father-daughter duo, run the distillery, and they’ve spent a lot of time traveling and living around the world.

Learn about the distillery’s history and process of making artisanal small-batch spirits by taking a tour of their 4,000-square-foot production facility, which is open five days a week.

Many of the distillery’s products are for sale in their shop, which features a rotating selection of spirits.

995 Postal Road, Allentown, PA 18108, Phone: 484-661-2488

19. Gallows Hill Spirits

Gallows Hill Spirits
Gallows Hill Spirits

Gallows Hill Spirits in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is named after Salem’s Gallows Hill, where many people accused of witchcraft were hanged in the 17th century. They commemorate their memory with a fine selection of carefully distilled spirits.

In addition to the cane sugar and molasses vodka, traditional moonshine, Puerto Rican rums, corn and barley bourbon, and the citrus-infused Divination gin, they also make an array of delectable liqueurs using their hand-crafted spirits.

On 12th Street, they have a Tasting Room and Bar where you can sample their spirits and learn how to mix them.

2208 S. 12th Street, Allentown, PA 18103, 610-628-9445

20. Lehigh County Heritage Center

 Lehigh County Heritage Center
Lehigh County Heritage Center

The Lehigh County Heritage Center occupies 30,000 square feet of state-of-the-art museum space in Allentown. Collections are spread across six galleries and an archive and research facility is also available.

In addition, there is the BB&T Bank Historic Exhibit, which chronicles the history of the valley from the earliest times before European settlers arrived.

Visitors can learn more about Native Americans, the American Presidency, and a host of other subjects. You can also visit the 1770 Trout Hall, the 1756 Troxell-Steckel Farm Museum, and the 1893 Claussville School in addition to the main museum.

432 W. Walnut Street, Allentown, PA 18102, 610-435-1074

21. Josh Early Candies

For more than a century, Josh Early Candies has been delighting chocolate and candy lovers. In 1945, the company began making its delicious chocolates and candies in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by and find out why they’re so popular at their current location on Tilghman Street. Small-batch chocolate and candy are still produced by this company using only the finest ingredients and the original family recipes.

They have a wide variety of specialty chocolates, roasted and covered nuts and nonpareils, brittles, toffees, caramels and fudges in their flagship store.

4640 W. Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA 18104, 610-395-4321

22. Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is ready to introduce you to some great indoor entertainment if you’re looking for an exciting day out. A quarter-mile indoor go-kart track is transformed into a high-octane racing experience at the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.

On a massive screen, lap times are shown automatically by transponders in each car. Anyone over the age of eight can participate in karting at this facility, which makes it ideal for birthday parties and team-building exercises.

Mini-bowling and axe throwing are two other on-site activities, and the Octane restaurant serves up your food and drink needs.

649 S. 10th Street, Allentown, PA 18103, 866-577-5278

FAQs Things To Do In Allentown PA

Does Allentown PA have a downtown?

There are more than 25 unique restaurants and bars in the downtown area of Allentown, as well as numerous museums, galleries, theaters and dance studios. It’s all within a few blocks of each other. APPRECIATE YOUR CURRENT LOCATION! For more information, please contact us by phone at (833) 327-6246 or email at [email protected].

Is Allentown PA a good area?

According to U.S. News & World Report, Allentown is one of the best places to live in the country. The Lehigh Valley has been named one of the best places to live in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

Why is Allentown called the Queen City?

It appears that Queen City was founded in the early 1900s. The Allentown Chamber of Commerce hosted a contest, and that’s where the idea came from. Queen City was selected as the winning entry. As one resident said, “Allentown is a royal town, and we certainly live up to its name.”

Is Allentown close to Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh and Allentown are separated by 236.90 miles (236.84 kilometers) by the I-76 E and the PATP route, and by 282 miles (453.84 kilometers) by car. If you drive non-stop, the distance between Pittsburgh and Allentown is 4 hours and 28 minutes.

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