Ibiza needs little introduction as a party destination. For at least 25 years, it has been at the forefront of Europe’s dance music and clubbing scene, and its super-clubs and bars have become legendary.

Things to Do in Ibiza SP
Things to Do in Ibiza SP

Things to Do in Ibiza SP, you can combine wild nights out with relaxing days at some breathtaking beaches. Ibiza has just as much to offer older visitors and those traveling with children: You can visit the UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town or take a tour of the beautiful whitewashed villages in the quiet and rural interior of Ibiza rocks. Meanwhile, the island’s 15 Blue Flag beaches are only a short detour away at Ibiza Spain.

15 Best Things to Do in Ibiza SP Today

1. Dalt Vila UNESCO World Heritage Site

 Dalt Vila UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dalt Vila UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dalt Vila UNESCO World Heritage Site, The highest and oldest part of Ibiza Town is fortified by strong Renaissance fortifications built in the 16th century by Charles V.

The walls were built to protect against attacks by Berber pirates as well as invasion by sovereign forces such as the French es canar.

It’s well worth taking a tour of the fortifications to see the seven bastions, each with a unique story to tell.

The Santa Luca bastion, for example, houses an 18th-century powder magazine and offers spectacular views of the old fishing district and the harbor cala saladeta.

2. Cathedral of Ibiza

Cathedral of Ibiza
Cathedral of Ibiza

Cathedral of Ibiza, inside the walls is a steep maze of alleys that you’ll enjoy exploring. These are densely packed with galleries, boutiques, and local conveniences such as bakeries. They occasionally open onto charming old squares such as Plaza de Sa Carrosa and Plaza de la Vila.

The cathedral is located at the very top of the old city, next to a beautiful view of the water. Explore the interior for a few minutes to see the 1399 gothic gold and silver monstrance and the 14th and 15th-century gothic panel paintings at balearic island.

3. Playa del Bosque

Playa del Bosque
Playa del Bosque

Playa del Bosque, the main resort on Ibiza is located next to the island’s longest beach. On summer days, it’s a haven for the young party crowd, where you can sleep off the night before under a parasol while relaxing, low-tempo music from beachfront DJs wafts over the shore.

If you can muster the energy, jet skis and paddleboats can be rented near the beach, and there are plenty of places to eat if you get hungry.

It’s party central after dark and until the sun comes up, with two of Ibiza’s largest clubs, Ushuaia and Space, right in the resort.

4. San Antonio

San Antonio
San Antonio

San Antonio, in the 1980s and 1990s, Ibiza’s second-largest town on the island’s west coast was notorious. It’s grown up a little, but it’s still the best option for that heady combination of beaches and world-famous nightclubs.

During the day, visit the bay for the narrow sandy beaches bathed in crystalline seas, or stroll along the promenade, stopping for a beer or coffee along the way and admiring the Columbus egg monument.

As the sun sets, head to Cafe del Mar, which has been playing lounge music for over two decades while guests enjoy the famous sunset.

There are night buses to the legendary superclubs Eden and Es Paradis.

5. Talamanca, Spain


Talamanca, if you live in Ibiza Town and want to spend a quieter day at the beach, another of the island’s largest beaches is just a few minutes up from the marina.

A wide swath of snow-white sand is backed by low-density development. Small, pine-clad hills surround Talamanca, as does the small holiday community of Cap Martinet.

There are great little restaurants right on the beach that serve Balearic island culinary favorites like bullit de peix as well as more cosmopolitan options. Because the beach is nestled between two headlands, the waters are calm and safe for children.

6. Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia
Santa Eulalia

Ibiza isn’t just about wild nightlife, as you’ll discover at a popular family resort on the island’s east coast, about 15 kilometers northeast of Ibiza Town.

Santa Eulalia, almost the entire seafront of the resort is golden sandy beach, and with the majority of the resort right behind you, there are plenty of shops and eateries to make your day a little more comfortable.

A charming little promenade runs behind it, complete with wrought-iron lampposts and benches beneath the lush fronds of palm trees.

If you feel like a round of golf, Ibiza’s only golf course is right next door, and the weekly Las Dalias Hippie Market takes place a few minutes away in San Carlos on Saturdays.

Climb the Puig de Missa hill to see the charming old church at the top.

7. Moscarter’s Point

Moscarter's Point
Moscarter’s Point

It’s amazing how remote and wild the northern tip of Ibiza can feel for such a small island. Moscarter’s Point, this area of the island is covered in pine forest, farmland, and a coastline dotted with small holiday communities clustered around coves that cut deep into the coastline.

Put on a pair of sturdy shoes and walk the cliff-top trail from Portinatx to the lighthouse for something a little different. It was built in the 1970s and stands 52 meters tall, making it the tallest man-made structure on the island.

The hike through the pine scrub and juniper is strenuous, but the views from the headland make it all worthwhile.

8. Cala Comte

Cala Comte
Cala Comte

This beach on Ibiza’s west coast is regarded as the best on the island by locals. It’s not far from San Antonio Cala comte, and you can get here by bus or ferry during the summer. What you’ll see when you arrive will astound you.

It’s an 800-metre stretch of sand that hugs the rocky coast’s twisting contours. A small wedge-shaped island off the coast contributes to the formation of large, lagoon-like pools of shimmering turquoise water.

The bars on the rocks behind will be packed in the summer Cala Conta evenings, as the sunsets here are spectacular.

9. Es Vedrà Island

Es Vedrà Island
Es Vedrà Island

This uninhabited island off Ibiza’s southwest coast is designated as a natural park. You can get there by boat from San Antonio Es Vedra or Ibiza Town, and the island’s water sports centers organize jet-ski tours and snorkeling excursions here.

It’s a stunning, almost otherworldly setting: a rugged island with a 413-metre-high monolithic slab of sheer limestone at ibiza cathedral.

Climb ashore with your camera in hand to capture the drama of the landscapes and wildlife, which includes goats, lizards, and falcons.

10. Spas

Atzaró Spa
Atzaró Spa

Ibiza’s holistic spa and relaxation scene is almo

st as well-known as its electronic music and nightclubs.

There are 15 spas on the island, many of which are attached to hotels and apartment complexes, while others are clubs that welcome both visitors and members.

Atzaró Spa, for example, is part of a tranquil agritourism complex surrounded by Ibizan citrus and olive groves.

You could work out in the state-of-the-art gym, take a yoga class, float in the 43-metre pool, or pamper yourself with anything from peels, facials, manipedis, and a variety of massages.

11. Water activities

Water activities
Water activities

Water activities, the sea is your playground on Ibiza. Jet skis, parasailing, water skiing, and other motorized fun are available at all of the main resort beaches. Kayaking and stand-up paddling are also options at cala salada.

You can also charter a yacht from the port in Ibiza Town: sail alone if you have the experience, or hire a boat with its own captain to take you anywhere you want to go along Ibiza’s craggy coast at calla bassa.

You could also take your adventure underwater. There are 17 diving schools on the island, and diving is a fantastic activity because the water clarity is so good and there are so many caves and underwater drop-offs to explore at sant antoni white island.

You might enjoy the following top-rated activity: Scuba Diving for Novices at Ibiza horse valley

12. Food and beverages

Deli smart food & drinks
Deli smart food & drinks

Deli smart food & drinks, there’s a pork delicacy that’s unique to the Balearic islands that you should try. Sobrasada is a cured sausage similar to chorizo made from soft, ground pork seasoned with paprika.

It is popular throughout Spain, but it originated in Ibiza and Mallorca. Bullit de peix, a fish stew served at local restaurants throughout the island, is a delicious and authentic main course.

It’s made with grouper and potatoes, but it also includes lobster and shrimp, and it comes with aioli on the side.

13. Cap Blanc Aquarium

Cap Blanc Aquarium
Cap Blanc Aquarium

Cap Blanc Aquarium, you’re unlikely to have seen an aquarium quite like this before. The attraction is located just minutes from downtown San Antonio, in a sea cave where local fishermen used to set their lobster traps.

Kids and adults can now go underground to see a variety of marine species such as grouper, rays, morays, and conger.

The attraction also serves as a sea turtle rehabilitation center. You’ll be able to see the sea life from elevated boardwalks that run above the cave’s well-lit pools at cala tarida.

14. Family amusement

Mediterranean resorts
Mediterranean resorts

For families, Ibiza lacks the flashy attractions found in larger Mediterranean resorts, such as water parks and fun fairs. Instead, kid-friendly attractions are more low-key and nature-focused.

Horse Valley, located on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, is a stable that rescues abused horses and ponies and organizes excursions throughout the island’s rugged northern region at Ibiza old town.

There are also go-karting tracks in both San Antonio and Santa Eulalia for some four-wheel action.

15. Formentera 


Everyone who visits Ibiza should take a ferry to Formentera, which is located off the island’s south coast.

Formentera has an atmosphere and appearance that is unlike most Mediterranean destinations.

To begin, the beaches (Playa de Ses Illetes, Calo des Mort) appear almost tropical, with turquoise waters and sugar-white sand, similar to those found in the Caribbean.

To explore Formentera’s unspoiled interior, rent a bike for the day and set off along dusty tracks that snake through whitewashed hamlets.

You’ll never be more than a few hundred metres from the coast and another beautiful sandy beach as you travel.

FAQs about Things to Do in Ibiza SP

Is two days in Ibiza sufficient?

Itinerary: The road trip begins in Ibiza. We recommend that you stay in Ibiza for at least 5 days to complete the entire itinerary. We will devote at least one day to each area of Ibiza in order to maintain a logical order and optimize driving time.

Is Ibiza only for partying?

Ibiza has long been known as a global hotspot for nightclubbing. The island draws visitors from all over the world who want to party at the island’s famous open-air clubs, beach raves, disco buses, and the San Antonio strip. However, there is so much more to Ibiza, and times are changing.

Is it worthwhile to visit Ibiza?

If you’re tired of the party scene, Ibiza is still well worth a visit. Even if you’re not a big party person, Ibiza has a lot of culture, history, and scenic beauty that makes it an excellent vacation destination. You will not be forced to party if that is not your thing, because there is plenty else to do here.

Is it fun to visit Ibiza if you don’t want to party?

Exploring Ibiza Town, particularly the Old Town, is one of the things to do in Ibiza that isn’t a party. Ibiza Town is the ideal old town for a Spanish island. The streets are narrow and charming, ideal for wandering and exploring.

When should I plan a trip to Ibiza?

From May to October, the best time to visit Ibiza is when temperatures are in the mid-70s and mid-80s and the party crowd descends. Low season is defined as the months between November and April, when flight and hotel rates fall along with temperatures to more moderate 50s and 60s.

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