Western Michigan University is located in Kalamazoo, a cosmopolitan college town. The town’s downtown is hip and progressive, with a wide range of excellent restaurants, unique shops, galleries, and other forms of entertainment.

Things To Do In Kalamazoo MI
Things To Do In Kalamazoo MI

Things To Do In Kalamazoo MI, the downtown Kalamazoo Nature Center, Markin Glen County Park, and the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail are just a few of the nearby places where residents can enjoy the outdoors.

Call the attractions and restaurants ahead of time to make sure they are open and to get any updated information.

25 Best Things To Do In Kalamazoo MI Today

1. Kalamazoo Valley Museum

 Kalamazoo Valley Museum
Kalamazoo Valley Museum

History, technology, and science are all intertwined at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, an engaging educational destination for the whole family.

The downtown Kalamazoo Valley Community College manages this free museum, which houses more than 50,000 artifacts, including a 2,300-year-old Egyptian mummy and other ancient Egyptian artifacts from the Mystery of the Mummy exhibit.

Additionally, there are displays highlighting the area’s industrial and historical past, as well as various scientific fields. For an even more in-depth look at the universe’s celestial bodies, the museum has a planetarium with 109 seats that features cutting-edge audio and video technology Southwest michigan.

230 N Rose St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-373-7990

2. Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

An art museum and school in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts hosts about a dozen temporary exhibitions each year.

Involved with local high schools, young artists, and other locals, the exhibits include recurring shows each year. Many of the exhibits in other museums, galleries, and private collections are repurposed for use in the ones in ours Kalamazoo county.

There are more than 4,600 pieces in the Gilmore car museum’s permanent collection in addition to the temporary exhibits. Its primary focus is on American art, with works by Ansel Adams, Mary Cassatt, Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol among those on display.

314 S Park St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-349-7775

3. Kalamazoo Nature Center

 Kalamazoo Nature Center
Kalamazoo Nature Center

The Kalamazoo Nature Center is a 1,100-acre nature preserve north of Kalamazoo that features rolling hills and woods.

Hiking and walking trails cover miles and miles of the nature center’s ponds, prairies, forests, and other wildlife habitats, as well as 13 different trails totaling 10 miles of hiking and walking paths. It’s possible to find one that’s suitable for any level of ability.

Habitat Haven, for example, is a 0.6-mile handicap-accessible trail that is rated easy and offers a variety of habitat views. At the other end of the spectrum are the challenging Fern Valley Trail and the park’s longest trail, the 2.7-mile Bluebird Trail, which is moderately difficult.

7000 N. Westnedge Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, Phone: 269-381-1574

4. Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market

Kalamazoo Farmers' Market
Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market

The Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market is a place where you can buy locally grown produce and handmade goods from local artisans. During the summer months, the market is open from the first Saturday in May through the last Saturday in November at lake michigan.

It has a night market with farmers, local artisans, and food trucks, to discover kalamazoo as well as over a hundred businesses that operate on a weekly basis. Summer and winter markets are held in various locations around the city.

Local farmers, artisans, and other creatives can be supported by shopping at the Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market. In each of these markets, customers can learn more about the people behind the goods they’re buying by meeting the people who made or grew them.

251 Mills St, Kalamazoo, MI 49048, Phone: 269-342-5686

5. Markin Glen Park

Markin Glen Park
Markin Glen Park

Markin Glen Park, once a private estate owned by Morris Markin, the founder of Checker Motors, is now a beloved recreational park conveniently located near Kalamazoo’s downtown.

Hiking trails, mountain biking trails, a paved multi-use trail, fishing and swimming lakes, as well as a swimming beach, are all available at the park. Tennis courts, volleyball courts, softball fields, and picnic shelters are also available for rental.

You can also park your RV at the bronson park’s excellently serviced campground and take advantage of all the amenities it offers. The city of Kalamazoo can be seen from the park’s highest point, which is well worth the hike.

Markin Glen Park, 5300 N. Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49004, 269 381 7570

6. The Henderson Castle (Inn)

The Henderson Castle
The Henderson Castle

The Henderson Castle is a well-known and impressive inn in Kalamazoo. The hotel is housed in a Queen Anne-style castle built in 1895 in the historic West Main Hill neighborhood.

Frank Henderson, one of Kalamazoo’s most successful early businessmen, used to live in the castle. The historic house has a lot of character, but it also has a lot of modern conveniences, like Wi-Fi, heated marble floors, a sauna, a steam room, and a hot tub at south haven.

The inn’s organic garden, vineyard, day spa, and restaurant are all open to the public in addition to providing a wonderful place to stay.

100 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006, Phone: 269-344-1827

7. Farmers Alley Theatre

Farmers Alley Theatre
Farmers Alley Theatre

As well as classic plays, the Farmers Alley Theatre also hosts up-and-coming performers, cabaret shows, and family-friendly programs. Theatergoers can enjoy each performance in a small, family-friendly, and community-oriented setting.

Regardless of where you sit, you’ll be able to get a good view of the performance. Drinks are available for purchase, as well as some light snacks battle creek.

During the holidays, the theater offers hot chocolate, coffee, and seasonal desserts as part of the ticket price. Attendees can purchase season tickets if they plan to attend multiple performances during the year.

221 Farmers Alley, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-343-2727

8. Markin Glen County Park

Markin Glen County Park
Markin Glen County Park

Formerly a private estate, the Markin Glen County Park has been transformed into a popular spot for the community to enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking trails, sports fields, and a lake with swimming access and a beach are all part of the park’s offerings. On the lake, you’re welcome to go fishing as well as in art hop.

A paved, multi-use trail and several children’s playgrounds are available in the park. The city of Kalamazoo can be seen from one of the trails’ highest points.

Overnight visitors can make use of the 38 campsites in the park, each of which has its own fire ring and picnic table for cooking their own meals. The campgrounds are well-equipped, with modern restrooms, showers, and a dump station for a more fun things.

5300 N. Westnedge Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49004, Phone: 269-381-7570

9. Verhages Fruit Farm & Cider Mill

Verhages Fruit Farm & Cider Mill
Verhages Fruit Farm & Cider Mill

Verhages Fruit Farm & Cider Mill, it is a working farm as well as a family-friendly attraction that provides visitors with a wide range of activities. There are a variety of tours offered each week, every hour of the day, in the fall, when the farm’s attractions are open to the public the most thing.

The tours last between 30 and 60 minutes and include a walk through the animal barn, a hayride, picking apples, and a demonstration of cider making.

The farm’s cider mill, donut shop, and country store all sell food and souvenirs that can be enjoyed on-site or taken home. The farm and cider mill, as well as the hayrides, are all easily accessible to people with disabilities.

8619 W. MI Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, Phone: 269-375-0153

10. Confections with Convictions

Confections with Convictions
Confections with Convictions

Gourmet chocolate and candy shop Confections with Convictions specializes in hand-crafted truffles made with organic, fair-trade chocolate using Dale Anderson’s original recipes.

Gourmet, organic, and fair trade chocolates from around the world are available in addition to the shop’s own hand-crafted chocolates at wings event center.

The goal of opening the store was to give at-risk youth a place where they could do something constructive with their lives. When it comes to their sustainable production process, they only use ingredients that are as healthy as possible, which is how they got the name “Courtyard Kitchen.”

116 W. Crosstown Pkwy #101, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, Phone: 269-381-9700

11. Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum

Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum
Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum

At the Air Zoo Museum, educational fun is the order of the day, so you can bring the whole family along. In the middle of the Detroit-Chicago corridor, the museum is a great place to learn about science and aeronautics while having a lot of fun.

They have full-motion flight simulators, indoor amusement rides, and hands-on science exhibits, just to name a few of the amazing things they have to offer at kalamazoo mall.

As a bonus, there is an entire room devoted to the Apollo 11 moon landing in the museum’s collection. The Kitty Hawk CafĂ© serves refreshments if you find yourself getting a little stir crazy.

Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum, 6151 Portage Road, Portage, MI 49002, 269 382 6555

12. Lawton Ridge Winery, Kalamazoo, MI

Lawton Ridge Winery
Lawton Ridge Winery

Grapes have been grown at the Lawton Ridge Winery since 1974, and the winery’s production facility first opened to the public in 2008. Lawton Ridge kalamazoo college uses grapes from their own or nearby vineyards to produce their wine.

There is a wide variety of wines to choose from at the award-winning winery, from dry reds to sweet dessert wines.

Kalamazoo Tasting Room guests can sample up to six wines for a modest fee. The restaurant has the capacity to host private events for up to 30 people with advanced notice.

8456 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, Phone: 269-372-9463

13. Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail
Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Currently a 22-mile non-motorized trail, the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail has the potential to be extended to a total of 35 miles. Pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, and other non-motorized users can use the 10-foot wide trail.

It is part of a network of trails totaling more than 140 miles, so there are virtually no limits to the amount of enjoyment and exercise that can be had.

As the trail winds through the heart of Kalamazoo, visitors have the opportunity to explore the city’s numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants. If you’re looking to get in a good cardio workout, this is a great spot for a walk with your family.

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14. West Michigan Beer Tours

 West Michigan Beer Tours
West Michigan Beer Tours

West Michigan is home to a wide variety of high-quality breweries, and West Michigan Beer Tours provides a unique opportunity for beer enthusiasts to visit these establishments.

Brewery owners, managers, and employees can be met on both public and private tours that visit several large and small breweries. Some breweries even allow visitors to participate in the brewing process themselves.

Depending on the tour, you may take a bus, a bike, or even a foot tour. In order to meet the specific needs and desires of a group, private tour options are available that allow groups to choose the stops, length, and experiences they want to include in their tour.

210 Farmers Alley, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-350-4598

15. The New Vic Theatre

The New Vic Theatre
The New Vic Theatre

Kalamazoo’s New Vic Theatre is a historic landmark. Since its inception in 1966, it has occupied a unique position in the local theater community. The theater’s annual Christmas performances and concerts are particularly well-known.

The venue’s concession serves a variety of hot and cold beverages, but no alcoholic beverages, in a cabaret-style setting. Over the course of their history, they have staged more than 325 productions, many of which were premieres in Kalamazoo.

Only 100 tickets are available for each performance at the theater, which is only open on weekends except for special events. As a result, visitors are encouraged to reserve their tickets ahead of time.

134 East Vine Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, Phone: 269-381-3328

16. Al Sabo Preserve

 Al Sabo Preserve
Al Sabo Preserve

The Al Sabo Preserve is a 741-acre nature preserve with numerous hiking trails and two boardwalks. Moab, Atwater, Lookout, and Mandala Two are just some of the trail names. The nature preserve’s 7-mile network of mountain biking trails is a popular attraction.

There are breathtaking views of the nature preserve and the west branch of Portage Creek, which flows through the Al Sabo Preserve and connects to the Kalamazoo River via the hiking and mountain biking trails.

There is a wide variety of wildlife to be found here, including muskrats, deer, coyotes, turtles, and various kinds of fish. For birdwatchers, the nature preserve is home to more than 150 species of birds.

6310 Texas Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

17. Kalamazoo State Theatre

Kalamazoo State Theatre
Kalamazoo State Theatre

Since it opened in 1927, the Kalamazoo State Theater has served as a landmark in the city. A lot of the original character has been preserved in this historic theater, which is a member of the League of Historic American Theatres.

Top touring bands, events, and other performances can be found at the venue. During and before each performance, the State Theatre offers full-service concessions, including draft and bottled beer, liquor, water, and soft drinks.

For those who prefer a more substantial meal, the hotel offers nearby restaurants as well as concessions like gourmet popcorn and premium candy.

404 S. Burdick Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-345-6500

18. Miller Auditorium

Miller Auditorium
Miller Auditorium

Western Michigan University’s James W. Miller Auditorium serves as a performance space. Nearly 3,500 people can be accommodated in this auditorium, Michigan’s fifth largest.

There are three levels of seating: the Orchestra, the Balcony, and the Grand Tier, which are all accessible by stairs. The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra performs a number of concerts in the auditorium each year, in addition to movie showings, comedians, and speakers.

Every year, the venue hosts a number of Broadway productions, as well as performances by well-known artists like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Chappelle. The graduation ceremony for Western Michigan University takes place in the same auditorium.

2200 Auditorium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49006, Phone: 269-387-2300

19. Kalamazoo Growlers Baseball

Kalamazoo Growlers Baseball
Kalamazoo Growlers Baseball

the home of Kalamazoo’s professional baseball club, the Kalamazoo Growlers Homer Stryker Field serves as the team’s home field in the Northwoods League.

A black bear named Porter serves as their mascot, and he wears a Growlers jersey bearing the number 64. The name of the team is a play on the abundance of microbreweries in the Kalamazoo area. There is an area of Homer Stryker Field called the Miller Lite Party Zone, which includes picnic tables, buffet food, and free-flow soda and water.

Both the Bell’s Bear Cave, an indoor/outdoor suite, and the Home Plate Club, which has individual tables for premium game-viewing experiences, are also available. Baseball fans can enjoy classic ballpark fare as well as barbecue specialties at the stadium’s concession stands.

251 Mills Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048, Phone: 269-492-9966

20. Airway Fun Center

Airway Fun Center
Airway Fun Center

It’s possible to have hours of fun with your entire family at the Airway Fun Center. You can enjoy the center all year round, regardless of the weather, because many of the fun activities are located inside.

Bowling, the Palladium (foam ball shooting), the Laser Maze, Laser Tag, Escape Room, Go-Karts, and the Ropes Course are among the most popular indoor activities. A Climbing Wall, Mini-Golf, and an Outdoor Ropes Course are all available for guests to enjoy outside the hotel.

Adults can sip on their favorite craft beers while the kids play around in the center’s Tap Room. If you’re planning a party for your child or teen, look no further than Airway Fun Center.

Airway Fun Center, 5626 Portage Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49002, 269 327 7061

21. Lawson Ice Arena (Western Michigan University)

As an added bonus, the Harry W. Ice Arena also features an indoor natatorium that can accommodate 3,667 spectators. The Western Michigan Broncos men’s hockey team and the university’s synchronized skating team call the arena their home away from home.

The university’s diving and swimming teams are housed in the natatorium that is attached to the university’s athletic complex.

Additionally, the Lawson Ice Arena hosts a wide variety of other events, including sporting competitions, concerts, and ice shows. The ice rink and natatorium are open to the public for open skating and swimming sessions.

2009 Howard Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006, Phone: 269-387-3050

22. Milham Park Golf Course

The Milham Park Golf Course is an 18-hole course with a high degree of difficulty. The 130-acre course is close to Milham Park and features a par 72 rating. In 1933, the first nine-hole course was built, and in 1936, it was expanded to 18 holes.

The park’s golf course is regarded as one of Michigan’s finest and is meticulously cared for. Tee times are available every day of the week, including holidays and weekends.

Tournaments and competitions are frequently held on the course, which features a well-stocked golf pro shop, a snack bar with a wide range of concessions, power golf carts, and practice areas.

4200 Lovers Lane, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, Phone: 269-344-7211

23. West Michigan Glass Art Center

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get your hands dirty with the art of glass, the West Michigan Glass Art Center, also known as Glass Art Kalamazoo, is your best bet.

Participants in the center’s lampworking studio, kiln fusing shop, and hot shop can gain practical experience in glass making and glass art.

Depending on the topic, classes can last from one to several sessions. A few examples of previous classes include Making a Beer Mug and Learning to Blow Glass. Glass beads are also donated by the center to cheer up the spirits of local children who have been given the grim news of cancer treatment.

326 W. Kalamazoo Avenue #100, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-552-9802

24. Ballet Arts Ensemble

Classical ballet is taught at the Ballet Arts School of Dance in a fun, kid-friendly way. The Ballet Arts Ensemble, a non-profit group of 14 to 20 teenage dancers, is based at the school. There are two ballet classes per week and a four-hour rehearsal class each week for the dancers.

Open-to-the-public performances of Hansel & Gretel and the Nutcracker have been held by the ensemble in the past. Several venues are available for performances in the city.

2018 Rambling Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49008, Phone: 269-345-3433

25. Ballet Kalamazoo

The American Ballet Theater’s National Training Curriculum is used by Ballet Kalamazoo, a local dance school. The school’s mission is to provide a world-class ballet education in a warm and supportive environment for both students and their families.

From three years old all the way up to seventeen years old, students can take classes here. The school aims to promote traditional ballet, but also incorporates contemporary dance trends and teaches valuable character and teamwork skills to its students.

As a family-friendly venue, their performances, costumes, and musical numbers are all designed to appeal to children of all ages. Throughout the year, they put on a number of shows at a variety of locations in the city.

169 Portage Street, Studio 1, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, Phone: 269-267-6681

FAQs Things To Do In Kalamazoo

Is Kalamazoo worth visiting?

Kalamazoo, on the other hand, is a bustling metropolis in the state’s south-central region that offers a wide range of attractions to tourists. You’ll find planetariums and theaters, as well as museums and movie theaters. Several city blocks are taken up by a massive shopping mall!

What is Kalamazoo best known for?

Kalamazoo, on the other hand, is a bustling metropolis in the state’s south-central region that offers a wide range of attractions to tourists. You’ll find planetariums and theaters, as well as museums and movie theaters. Several city blocks are taken up by a massive shopping mall!

Which is better Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids?

Public schools in Kalamazoo are among the best in the country, making it a great place to attend college. Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo Valley Community College are also nearby. However, Grand Rapids has a better skyline and is a much more populous city than Kalamazoo.

What does the word Kalamazoo mean?

THE NAMING OF KALAMAZOO. Although its exact etymology is a mystery, “Kalamazoo” is thought to be a Native American name. “The mirage of reflecting river” is one interpretation, while “bubbling or boiling water” is another.

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