Things To Do In Lake Charles LA, this small city in Louisiana provides visitors with the ideal combination of extreme outdoor adventures, easy escapes into nature, and high-quality city entertainment. Charles Sallier, one of the first people to build a home and settle in the area, inspired the city’s name.

Things To Do In Lake Charles LA
Things To Do In Lake Charles LA

Lake Charles la is well-known for its gaming options, but there are many other things to do in the city. The Acadiana city is located near numerous freshwater lakes and rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean along the Gulf Coast. Lake Charles la is the most popular, and it even has its own sandy beach!

The area has a long history of piracy and has been visited by notable pirates such as Jean Lafitte. Keep an eye out for hidden treasures; you never know what you might come across at Southwest Louisiana!

List of 12 Things To Do In Lake Charles LA Today

1. Calcasieu Imperial Museum

Calcasieu Imperial Museum
Calcasieu Imperial Museum

This small city museum is a great place to spend some time admiring beautiful artwork. They also hold educational events that you can inquire about and participate in during your visit.

The Imperial Calcasieu Museum features many permanent and temporary exhibitions of artists from all over the world. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and each exhibition features a variety of artistic styles and visual arts.

The museum is located on West Sallier Street, a short distance from Lake Charles. You can combine your visit with a stroll along the lakefront. The museum is only open three days a week, so make sure to check their hours at Southwest Louisiana at New Orleans.

2. The Old City Hall

The Old City Hall
The Old City Hall

This historic structure was constructed in 1911 to replace the previous city hall, which was tragically destroyed by fire in 1910. The building was built in the Spanish Baroque style and has an interesting and well-preserved exterior with a lovely clock tower in the center in Mardi gras museum.

It served as the town hall for many years before reopening in 2004 as an art gallery and cultural center. The Historic City Hall has three floors of art exhibitions that you can explore. There is photography, ceramic art, paintings, and a variety of other visual arts on display at Lake Charles Louisiana.

The art center has hosted some unusual traveling exhibitions, including one of Titanic artifacts! After you’ve seen the gallery, head out to the charming courtyard to admire the property’s exterior at hot springs at civic center.

3. Festivals in Lake Charles

Festivals in Lake Charles
Festivals in Lake Charles

Lake Charles hosts a wide range of local festivals that honor the culture and history of Louisiana and the surrounding area. There are so many that Lake Charles has been designated as Louisiana’s Festival Capital is one of the best things.

With over 75 events to choose from each year, you’d be hard pressed to miss out! From the splendor of Mardi Gras, rodeo shows, and fur and wildlife festivals to car rallies and crazy sports competitions, the city has it all. In Lake Charles, there is a festival for every interest at baton rouge.

The town’s pirate festival is one of the most popular. Come aboard a pirate ship and sail around Lake Charles Civic Center, or join the crowds on land and enjoy live music, fair rides, and much more!

4. Millennium Park

Millennium Park
Millennium Park

This park is very close to Lake Charles and is a great place to visit before or after a family walk along the lakeshore. On a warm, sunny day, Millennium Park is the perfect place to visit at Golden Nugget Lake Charles.

The kids can run around in the playground while you sit and relax on a nearby bench; bring a book with you! The playground is pirate themed and has a variety of fun play areas, such as monkey bars and pirate tree houses at bayou rum.

They can play on the swings and climb the climbing wall. A few hours will fly by in this fun little park, and if you bring some snacks, you may be able to stay longer! This park is enjoyable for children of all ages.

5. Visitor Center in Lake Charles

Visitor Center
Visitor Center

If you want to know what to do in Lake Charles before you start your holiday adventures, this is the place to go! The friendly locals who work here can answer your questions and provide you with maps and brochures that you can take with you.

The Visitor Center is located by the lake and offers stunning views of Lake Charles. The center is alligator and pirate themed, in keeping with the city’s reputation. Around the center, there are numerous alligator skulls and sculptures at North Beach.

If you need to rest after a long drive or walk, there’s a small picnic area, toilets, and a small gift shop. Come in and learn how to make the most of your Lake Charles vacation!

6. Prien Lake Park

Prien Lake Park
Prien Lake Park

The park runs along the shores of Lake Prien, another popular city lake that is closer to the Gulf than Lake Charles Louisiana Pirate Festival. The best time to visit this lakeside park is at sunset, when you can watch the sunset over the lake and admire the breathtaking colors that reflect off the clouds and glistening water at Millennium Park.

There are numerous picnic areas, which are ideal for stopping for an outdoor lunch among the trees. The park is ideal for a quick walk. When the kids get tired of walking, they can muck around in the small playground is a fun things.

There are three lovely pavilions and an amphitheater scattered throughout the park. If you’re looking for a relaxing day in the great outdoors, Prien Lake Park is the place to be at marshland festival!

7. Sam Houston Jones State Park is number seven on the list.

Sam Houston Jones State Park
Sam Houston Jones State Park

Sam Houston Jones State Park, this public park was named after Louisiana’s 46th governor. The land has been left relatively wild and is still home to a diverse range of native wildlife. During your visit, it will be difficult to overlook the abundant fauna, particularly birds.

The park is mostly forested and contains longleaf pines. This pine species was once common in the United States national park, but it is now uncommon; yet another reason to visit the park! The environment is a haven for birds. Surprisingly it’s a fun thing, the park can support up to 200 species at any given time.

It’s a fantastic location for boating, biking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking! With so many activities available in one location, you’ll be hard pressed to get bored. There are numerous accommodation options available to suit any budget.

8. Crying Eagle Brewing Company

Crying Eagle Brewing Company
Crying Eagle Brewing Company

Crying Eagle Brewing Company, the company was named after a legendary Indian chief, Calcasieu, who had a unique battle cry and whose name translates to “eagle.” A nearby river is also named Calcasieu.

The brewing company sells a variety of craft beers, with something for everyone’s taste. The beers made in Louisiana have a distinct flavor and a special connection to the state. The owners are enthusiastic and friendly brewers; if you have any questions about how they make their beer, stop by for a chat!

Make yourself at home in the brewery’s modern taproom and laid-back beer garden, which are ideal for meeting locals and other travelers and socializing over a tasty and refreshing beer.

9. L’Auberge Casino Resort

L'Auberge Casino Resort
L’Auberge Casino Resort

This tall, modern glass building is one of the largest in Lake Charles and stands out among the more modest-sized buildings and homes. The destination serves as both a hotel and a casino, providing a place for fun, relaxation, and rest!

During your visit, why not try your hand at poker or blackjack? Who knows, you might strike it rich! At a card table or casino slot machine, you can spend anything from a dollar to a fortune and hope to win it all back!

The hotel is intended to help you relax and unwind while you’re away. L’Auberge features a golf course, boutique shops, and a spa. The resort is ideal for vacationing with friends or as a couple.

10. Creole Nature Trail No. 10

Creole Nature Trail
Creole Nature Trail

The Creole Nature Trail will take you deep into the woods. This 180-mile long trail is popular with both tourists and locals due to the spectacular landscapes it passes through and the unique native fauna it contains.

Over 400 species of birds have been spotted on the trail, making it an excellent place for bird watching. After that, you can relax on one of the sandy gulf beaches or take a 1.5-mile walk through the marshland, which is home to alligators, birds, and other native creatures.

The best way to complete the trail is by car, though you can also do parts by boat or bike. You could even do a foot stretch if you’re feeling brave!

11. Charpentier Historic District No. 11

Charpentier Historic District
Charpentier Historic District

This section of downtown Lake Charles is filled with homes built in a variety of architectural styles between the late 1800s and the early 1900s. During your visit, you will be able to learn about Lake Charles’ history through its homes and most iconic structures.

The majority of the landmarks are of Victorian design and were constructed of wood. To honor the brilliant carpenters who designed and built some of Lake Charles’ finest homes, the district was named “Charpentier” after the French word for carpenter.

You can explore the neighborhood on foot or by car. Visit the Charpentier during your stay; it’s an easy and peaceful way to soak in Lake Charles’ history and architectural riches.

12. Golden Nugget Casino No. 12

Golden Nugget Casino
Golden Nugget Casino

This magnificent structure is yet another of Lake Charles’ hotel casinos. The property is enormous, with numerous facilities and entertainment options. A fantastic destination for fun-seeking groups of friends or couples!

The stakes are high in the hotel’s casino; after all, your fortune could be just a dice roll away! Why not give Lake Charles a shot? You can retire to your luxurious room after a game of poker or a spin on the slot machine.

Get out of bed and spend the day relaxing by the intricate swimming pools or on the hotel’s private lakeside beach. The hotel has a lively nightlife, as well as a golf course, spa, restaurants, and shops! You’ll find it difficult to leave the hotel with so much to offer!

Lake Charles Attractions Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to visit Lake Charles, Louisiana?

Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a great place to visit with friends and family. The city is also referred to as the ‘Lake Area.’ This is due to the abundance of lakes and other bodies of water in and around Lake Charles. Because of its southwestern location, this city is extremely culturally rich.

Why is Lake Charles well-known?

Because it hosts over a hundred festivals and carnivals, the city is known as “The Festival Capital of Louisiana.” Lake Charles is well-known for its gambling, rhythm and blues music, and delicious cuisine. The town is the primary educational center for the southwest region of Louisiana.

Was slavery practiced in Lake Charles, Louisiana?

Because slavery was secondary to business interests in Lake Charles, attitudes toward slavery were mixed. In fact, slaves made up less than 5% of the population. Many citizens were drawn into the conflict. Some local families supported the Confederacy, while others backed the Union cause.

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